09 September 2010

Update on the Secretaries

The latest update on the Secretarybirds that we tagged earlier in the year has some good and some not so good news. The bad news first. The smaller of the two chicks has died. Willem le Roux, the shepherd on the farm, found the dead bird in the veld and could retrieve the tags and ring. Unfortunately the reason for the death of the bird could not be established.

The other chick is alive and well and walks the veld with measured steps. With the last reportback from the veld, it still has not left the immidiate vicinity of the nesting site.

Apparently the adult birds are building a new nest in a Wild Olive tree (Olienhout Olea europaea africanus) not too far from the first site.

Another site not far from town (Aliwal North) is monitored as well. For the coming breeding season two nests in the Aliwal district are being monitored at this stage. Further reports of nesting sites will be followed up and I will report on the progress on this blog.